The final days of a beautiful team training camp

We are in the final days of a beautiful team training camp, here in the Cevennes. This week, Cambodia Cycling Academy runners and staff gathered for a training course at the European team based in Alès, France, to form a team, train together and revise all equipment and equipment before our season debut at GP Marseille and the Etoile de Bessèges. The runners received their beautiful Hersch bikes with custom-painted Fluxos wheels in the team’s black and gold colors. With the help of the master mechanics, Hervé (Trainer Technician Mechanics Cycle) and Gérard (Engineer, Inventor of Fluxus wheels); the positions have been perfected and the bikes are perfectly suited to each runner’s specifications. Between Sunday and Thursday, the team trained together on the beautiful roads of Cevennes, traveling some 800 kilometers, including relays behind the scooter for speed work, thanks to Patrick Aurignac. The team was well supported on the road by Didier, Denzel, and Stéphane, all driving assistance cars loaded with food, liquids, and clothing from our technical sponsor F2P. After training the runners recovered thanks to the massage provided by Théo (physical therapy).All linked to delicious dinners that help instill the family atmosphere that is at the heart of the Cambodia Cycling Academy philosophy. We thank Karine, Eric, and Martine for preparing these fantastic meals. We want to thank all our dedicated staff, sponsors, and supporters for their hard work this week as the internship draws to an end. We are preparing to launch our 2021 race calendar with GP Marseille on Sunday, followed by Etoile de Besseges on February 3/7.

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